Konova Slider K3 100cm (39.4-Inch)

Konova Slider K3 100cm (39.4-Inch)
Konova Slider K3 100cm (39.4-Inch) Detail

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Konova Slider K3 100cm (39.4-Inch) Description

-This one is made in Korea by Konova at hight quality -The stable and smooth takes are the basic elements of the film art. Photos took accurately facilitate perception of content correctly and improve values of ultimate version of the movie. -Main body made in Samsung factory. -The Slide Cam it is a system that enable taking film photos with moving camera. -Specially designed dolly moves on rail length 10000 mm leading the cam ahead of screened theme. -The dolly is equipped with screw of…

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Konova Slider K3 100cm (39.4-Inch)

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